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Audiovox 136B3485 Remote Control
Remote control for use with the SIRPNP1 satellite radio.

Cat No: 136B3485

Voyager AWM950REM Remote Control
Audiovox / Jensen / Voyager remote control for AWM950.

Cat No: AWM950REM

Audiovox CDC-10R Remote Control
Audiovox CDC10R Infra-Red Remote Control For CDCMCR2 and CDI100R

Cat No: CDC10R

MWR21 Jensen Opt. Wired Marine Remote Control
For Jensen Models MCD9425 / MCD5112/ MCD6115

Cat No: MRW-21

Audiovox / Prestige P-12R Remote Control
CD Changer remote control for use with P165 and P185.

Cat No: P12R

Audiovox / Prestige P-14R Remote Control
Generation 1 or Generation 2 remote control for Audiovox / Prestige P-MCR4

Cat No: P14R

Magnadyne/Auquavibe RC3100 Remote Control
Cat No: RC3100

Magnadyne RC-MARINE-IR Remote Control
Wireless Waterproof Remote Control , For use with M5100CD Marine Stereo


Voyager REMAWM930 Remote Control
Remote Control for ASA / Voyager AWM930 Wallmount Stereo.

Cat No: REMAWM930

Audiovox SAT-RC Remote Control
Audiovox Satellite Radio wireless remote control, credit card size.


Audiovox Sirius SIR-PNP2 Remote Control 1363539
Remote control for Audiovox Sirius sattelite radio SIRPNP2.

Cat No: 1363539

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